An entry ban imposed from Denmark and the United Kingdom

The modified version of the coronavirus that has spread in the UK is said to be 70 per cent more contagious than previous variants. In addition to the United Kingdom, cases have also been reported in Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium, according to the European Center for Communicable Diseases (ECDC).

As a result, SVT Nyheter was able to reveal yesterday that Sweden is imposing a travel ban from the UK.

The danger of Danes being drawn to Sweden

During today’s press conference with Interior Minister Michael Damberg (S), Foreign Minister Anne Linde (S) and the Swedish Public Health Agency, the following message came: An entry ban will also be imposed from Denmark.

There is an obvious risk that Danes will be tempted to go to Sweden to buy Christmas presents or to spend time in Malmö, for example.

Swedish citizens have an unconditional right to travel to Sweden and will not be affected by the travel ban. Other travelers from the countries concerned will be refused.

Foreign Secretary Ann Linde also announced that the Foreign Office is advising Swedes with immediate effect not to take non-essential travel to the UK.

FHM: It does not rule out the presence of the type of virus in Sweden

Johan Karlsson, director general of the Swedish Public Health Agency, does not rule out the presence of the novel coronavirus variant in Sweden.

– The new alternative already exists in a number of EU countries, although not to a large extent. He said at a press conference on Monday that it is not excluded that he is also in Sweden, but we could not confirm it.

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He also announced that the Public Health Agency had decided that everyone who had traveled from the UK at some point from December 12 would go and be tested as soon as possible. Travelers from the UK are advised to stay at home for up to seven days after arrival and must be retested on the fifth day.

If you carry the infection, the same rules of conduct apply to others who have tested positive for the virus.

Carlson has sent out a request to health and care employers to ensure that employees who have traveled from the UK from December 12 onwards get tested and that there are chances of staying home in case of illness.

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