An authoritarian meeting between Lukashenko and Putin today – News (Echo)

A passenger plane is shot down to another country in order to be able to arrest a well-known opposition journalist, it is a strange and unique event, scary and exciting at the same time.

Today’s meeting in Russia Subtropical in Sochi, between two men in tyrannical attire, it may not be as dramatic, but perhaps just as important

Under the long years of dictator Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus played the priest’s little crow. Lukashenko has slid here and there, between relying on the highly authoritarian Vladimir Putin and courting the European Union and the United States.

With Russia Belarus already has close official economic, political and military relations, and a number of different “chapters” are being negotiated to bring the countries together into a union. Before every meeting between Lukashenko and Putin, there is wild speculation about whether this will be the day Russia swallows up Belarus.

But Alexander Lukashenko several times trampled on the situation and did not completely abandon the independence of the country. Instead, he sometimes turned his face toward the West and sought investment, visa facilitation, and cooperation.

This is the geopolitical situation Drama today. Where will the border between the EU bloc and NATO on the one hand and Putin’s Russia on the other go, and where will Belarus end?
After the undemocratic elections in Belarus in August last year, mass demonstrations, massive arrests, torture, deaths and now a passenger plane caught in the clouds over Minsk, it must be said that the flirtation with the European Union and the United States is still over.

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The only person who now seems able to wait patiently for Alexander Lukashenko is Russia and Vladimir Putin.

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