Americans long for their royal family

One can retell American history with the help of many different cultural expressions: Faulkner’s “Absalom, Absalom,” Grant Woods, “American Gothic,” Coppola’s “Godfather,” or “Celebrating with Ferris,” which fit this particular case.

John Hughes ‘1980s movie about Parents’ reveal Ferris Bueller might not have been a deep dive into the American psyche, but the artworks get a life of their own once they are created. Here it hides an unusual symbolic story about the kind of place the United States really is.

The American Parent-Free Party began with the proclamation of independence on July 4, 1776. At first it was wonderful to get rid of the crazy old wooden goat George III, who was more concerned with raising pigs than the rights of Americans. Almost immediately, the Americans began to realize themselves. Perhaps there has never been a country where the interest in his personality has been greatest.

How do we feel? What do we want? What do we think?

Let’s talk about that. Over and over and over again.

It really was a party with an open guest list. People came and went. If a room becomes too crowded, guests flock more across the spaces to the next room. Through the prairies became lands that became states.

Everyone had to do as little as they wanted, until it became too much even for this party and civil war broke out. It was the party’s low-water sign, she says, but it recovered fairly soon. But in a tinnitus tinnitus, the insecurity that the Americans themselves frightened.

Soon a major product in America was Alternate Kings, Goddess.

In fact, he might have been there from the start, so no matter how happy Americans were avoiding a father, George, they immediately named a new father, George. The king was replaced by the president and the chief was suspended by symbols taken from perhaps the most patriarchal civilization of all, the Roman.

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It was as if independence and self-awareness had also created anxiety and a void that needed to be filled. After the Civil War, it became clearer. When Lincoln fell victim to a murderer, it became the starting point of the American tradition – also the Roman tradition from the start – to convert deceased presidents into gods. They were carved into mountain slopes and had their own temples.

And it wasn’t just the bosses. Soon a major product in America was Alternate Kings, Goddess. They could be thieves’ barons, military men, or just celebrities. Elvis was the “King” and Edward Ellington the “Duke”. Among the most prominent Hollywood productions, from the start, were the royal families to fill the void in the Republic: Douglas the “King of Hollywood” Fairbanks and his Queen Mary Pickford, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, the miserable Prince James Dean, “Prangelina.” “When the Kennedy clan wanted to become the royal family that was lacking To America, it was friends in Hollywood who got help from them.

So when the Queen’s Oprah met Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, it was a real pinnacle. And this annoying little note vibrates all the time in the background. Secret American fatigue, just like in “Celebrating With Ferris,” is about parental freedom. Longing for a very real royal family.

Bad Hollywood can only make rascals out of kings self-fulfillers.

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