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The United States and Australia are the two great powers in the world of swimming.

You can’t believe it after trying four times 100 meters.

The United States swam to 11th, and Australia 13th.

Achievements not given a place in the final.

– It felt good when I got out, but I died right in the end. I didn’t really see how others swam. American superstar Anthony Irvine says after the race, I got a lactic acid blackout.

“I was shocked by the result.”

The final absence of the United States was a shock.

Irvine, whose performance was well below his ability, has, among other things, a freestyle gold (50 meters) from the Olympic Games. Jimmy Vision, a World Cup silver medalist in 100 Freestyle Swimming from Barcelona (2013), was also well below capacity.

– The result shocked us. We have to analyze that, says Irvine.

The idea in this race was to send a message to the other teams.

Australia, along with its superstars Cameron McEvoy and James Magnusson, missed the final.

Since 1973, when the World Swimming Championships was held for the first time, neither Australia nor the United States has missed a medal in the men’s team race.

The fastest attempt of men was Russia, ahead of Brazil.

France, the defending champion, advanced to the fourth team.

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