AMANDA LIND: Museums could be opened to children again – Kulturnytt in P1

Most of the country’s museums are completely closed to the public, and Sweden’s museums are receiving a message today with hope. Although no museums are currently planning to open school classrooms right away.

What has been said today is that you can only open up to young people, and then only to guys born in 2005 and onwards. This means that those who can come are not families with children, because you have parents, but they can be, for example, classes, says Janet Gustavsdotter, general secretary of Swedish Museums, to Kulturnet.

But museums should also take into account the contagion situation in the area concerned, and the ability for classrooms to follow the Public Health Agency’s recommendations on public transportation.

So the trips, not visiting the museum, are the problem. Janet Gustavsdotter continues, but it’s inevitable that all museums are very happy, and that at least that will be discussed.

Background for today The call is that the government wants to avoid the negative health effects on children of epidemics, the Minister of Culture explained:

Therefore, it is important that the sports, recreational and cultural activities for children and youth, whether outdoors or indoors, are open even when other activities are closed.

Culture Minister Amanda Lind specifically addressed the Municipal Cultural School, which in many places has switched to distance education.

Head of the School Cultural Council However, Galle Lawrence told Kulturnytt that the vast majority of cultural schools in Skåne have agreed to pursue distance education until the sports holiday, despite the announcement of the day.

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But the announcement also means an opportunity to open activities that have been completely closed, such as children’s activities in libraries and museums.

This means that public actors must resume activities for children and youth in particular, Amanda Lind said at the press conference.

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