Also, the shortage of semiconductors stops the population

It is only a matter of time before Scania is forced to stop production due to a shortage of semiconductor components. “It’s out of control,” CEO Henrik Henriksson tells Dagens Industri.

Yesterday, truck and bus manufacturer Scania released its report for the fourth quarter of 2020. The numbers were strong but overshadowed by a bribery scandal in India and the semiconductor crisis.

The system is now so compact that it is hand-to-mouth. At some point during the first or second quarter, we will have to stand still, Henrik Henrikson told Dagens Industri.

Plus, both component prices and shipping costs are rising as the company desperately chases the components.

Competitor Volvo was recently forced to halt production for a week at its Belgian plant due to a shortage of components. Several other auto manufacturers had to take similar measures when semiconductor components ran out.

No quick fix in sight, the world’s semiconductor manufacturers are in full swing and don’t have backup power to start up.

It is also believed that the hailstorm in Texas in mid-February, which forced several semiconductor factories in Austin to stop quickly, exacerbated the problem.

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