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During the first three years, Netflix didn’t release a single original series of its own, but since then, times have undoubtedly changed.

We were informed yesterday that the lavish space series Faraway has been discontinued, although the series’ creators have plans for more seasons and that viewers of the series will never see the crew return home from their trip to Mars. It’s always frustrating when a TV series closes without giving the loyal viewer the opportunity to follow the action through to the end … but that isn’t always the case with Netflix.

It was so long after Netflix launched globally as a streaming service in 2013, with original series like “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black,” that it was nearly impossible to stop a TV series. And if that was the case now, it was because the creators of the series simply had to finish telling their story.

“House of Cards” was discontinued as a decision by the series’ creators, after tying loose ends in the final season (despite Kevin Spacey not present).

It took three years, but in 2016 they built such such a large group that it was time to start shutting down products that did not achieve enough new subscribers or enough nominations for the Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. Now it’s not uncommon for a series to only have one season and then shut down, if it’s not big enough. It’s also hard to keep up with the turns, as the range is much bigger today, and you might go and wait for more seasons … for a canceled Netflix series.

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So we made a list of the original series that Netflix had discontinued (of which up to 23 have been discontinued so far in 2020), as there were initially plans for more seasons. This means that a series like “House of Cards,” where the owner of the series personally chose to close the series, does not appear in the list below. The same applies to series like “Lucifer” or “Designated Survivor” which are not primarily Netflix originals, but are only the series that they “saved” from competitors and then choose not to follow and series that are only shown on Netflix internationally but are really made by a completely different distributor. (Like “Better Call Saul” from AMC).

The 56 original series has stopped being produced on Netflix

Netflix Presents: Characters (2 säsonger) – April 2016

Bloodline (3 seasons) – September 2016

Marco Polo (2 seasons) – December 2016

The Get-Down (Season 1) – May 2017

Sense8 (2 seasons) – June 2017

Girlboss (Season 1) – June 2017

Gypsy (1 season) – June 2017

Chelsea (2 seasons) – October 2017

The Hateers Back Down (2 seasons) – December 2017

Lady Dynamite (2 seasons) – January 2018

Disjointed (1 season) – February 2018

It’s All Nasty (1säsong) – April 2018

Seven Seconds (1 season) – April 2018

The Break With Michelle Wolf (Season 1) – August 2018

The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale (1säsong) – August 2018

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Iron Fist (2 seasons) – October 2018

All About Washington (Season 1) – October 2018

American Vandal (2 seasons) – October 2018

Luke Cage (2 seasons) – October 2018

Daredevil (3 seasons) – November 2018

The Good Cop (1 season) – November 2018

Friends from College (2 seasons) – February 2019

Jessica Jones (3 seasons) – February 2019

The Punisher (2 seasons) – February 2019

One Day at a Time (3 säsonger) – March 2019

Santa Clarita Diet (3 seasons) – April 2019

Chambers (1 season) – June 2019

She’s a Must Have (2 säsonger) – Julie 2019

Tuca & Bertie (1 season) – August 2019

Organic Agriculture (2 seasons) – August 2019

No Good Nick (1 season) – September 2019

Merry Happy Whatever (1 säsong) – November 2019

Dawn (1 season) – December 2019

Soundtrack (1 season) – January 2020

Spinning Out (1 season) – February 2020

Insatiable (two seasons) – February 2020

AJ and the Queen (Season 1) – March 2020

Faction October (Season 1) – March 2020

V Wars (Season 1) – March 2020

Christ (Season 1) – March 2020

Bring Charlie (1Sa Song) – April 2020

Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show (1 season) – June 2020

Next in Fashion (1 season) – June 2020

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (4 seasons) – July 2020

Greenhouse Academy (4 seasons) – July 2020

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White Lines (1 season) – August 2020

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj (6 seasons) – August 2020

I’m not okay with this (1 säsong) – August 2020

Society (Season 1) – August 2020

Modified Carbon (2 seasons) August 2020

The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia (2 seasons) – August 2020

The Big Show (1 season) – August 2020

The Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance (1säsong) – September 2020

GLOW (3 seasons) – October 2020

Teenage Bounty Hunters (season 1) – October 2020

Overseas (1 season) – October 2020

Fortunately, “One Day at a Time” and “Tuca & Bertie” have been saved by competitors on Netflix, but with sequences unfortunately not available here in Sweden yet.

Of course, it’s not surprising that Netflix is ​​shutting down series and trying to spend money on the projects they expect to get the most return from. Just picture Netflix as a “savior” where TV creators can exceed their visions with massive budgets is no longer true. Personally, though, I really wanted to keep watching “The Dark Crystal,” “Away,” “Daredevil,” “The Punisher,” and “The OA.”

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Which Netflix Originals would you prefer to have another final season? Feel free to comment below!

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