AIX designs 450 homes in New Solna

The municipality of Solna has approved a detailed plan for the Hofudsta 3: 1 district in the south of Solna. A total of 450 homes will be built, as well as establishments such as a nursery, restaurants, and shops. The design is provided by AIX Arkitekter, while the client is not yet official.

Solna municipality writes about the project in one Press release.

“The new buildings in Hofudsta with 450 new homes contribute to a more vibrant and coherent area with its proximity to the beach and green areas, while the neighborhood with Solnaverket tower forms a new clear entrance to Solna from the southwest,” Torsten SveniusChairman of the Construction Committee of Solna City.

It is located near the main road

The detailed plan includes four new apartment blocks with nearly 450 apartments and a new parking opportunity, especially along Huvudstaleden. In the new neighborhoods, ten LSS apartments are also being built and a new preschool that can accommodate around 70 children.

The buildings on the ground floor provide opportunities for businesses and commercial services, such as stores and restaurants, thus contributing to a more vibrant urban environment.

A new road link to and from the area is being created in the northern part to relieve Alphyddev├Ągen. At the same time, a new entrance to the garden and the adjacent natural area was also created for the new preschoolers.

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