Age of Empires IV gameplay show – released this fall

With nearly a quarter of a century on its neck, the old game series Age of Empires is still a favorite with many strategy fans, but Age of Empires III with its 2005 release is still the newest full-size game. In 2017, Microsoft announced that the successor to the suffix “IV” is coming. But since the revelations, there has been relatively calm in what comes next.

Now the silence is finally broken, with more appropriate Age of Empires IV videos. At the same juncture, the Fall 2021 launch window will also be operational Youtube channel for the game series There are now clips to take a closer look at Chinese civilization And the Dahl SultanateWhile one Show more comprehensive clips Play Which also includes the British and Mughal Empires.

The final film clip shows exploration, urban planning, ambush and siege, which range from the early Middle Ages to industrialism. This translates into a journey from primitive piles to cities with meter-thick stone walls – fortifications that can be climbed with little will, armored fighting elephants, rifles and fireworks. Any curious person Campaigns And the Sea battle She also has short films to watch.

As previously known, the development of game studio World’s Edge and Relic Entertainment, which is part of Microsoft Xbox Game Studios, is managed. It remains to be seen whether this means that even console players can participate in the game. With nearly six months left to go, details such as system requirements and demos of more aspects will be made in the near future.

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