After the hate comments – Culture Minister Amanda Lind criticizes YouTube’s SD channel

And the Minister of Culture was published on Thursday Amanda Lind (MP) Several screenshots on her Instagram account that show comments written about her on Democrat Sweden’s Youtube channel. Amanda Lind describes the comments as “obnoxious” and “appalling.” For example, a comment on the Minister of Culture during a section discussing it in Parliament reads:

Wondering if the rope you’ll soon be wrapping around will be made into a mushroom? It should save the environment. ”

Amanda Lind is now very critical of SD.

“I constantly meet people who are silenced and fearful of rudeness in different ways. It is the sympathetic Swedish Democratic voters who write what can be seen in the pictures. The Swedish Democrats leave this on their official Youtube channel for several weeks. What does he say about them as a party?”, She writes on Instagram.

Information Secretary for the Swedish Democrats Denise Nurgren the answers DN Via email that the party chose to open comment fields to give voters a platform for discussion, but also writes:

“Featured posts are not acceptable of course and we’ve brought in additional staff to check comment fields on Youtube.”

BBC Port Kina
China Broadcasting Corporation bans BBC International broadcasting in the country, he writes New York times. This news comes just one week after Britain chose to broadcast the Chinese national television channel CGTN, indicating that the channel is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. But according to China, the decision is that the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) violated the country’s media rules through biased and incorrect reporting that harmed China’s “national interests”. The BBC is severely restricted by Chinese censors and thus the new ban will affect a limited number of viewers. This includes international hotel guests and residential areas that are mainly populated by people of other nationalities.

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After disputes – Sas pilot stopped
A summary was previously reported on Bjorn Lundstrom, Who has built over 100,000 followers by sharing his job as a Sas pilot on social media. But his open portrayal of the pilot’s life was not appreciated by everyone, and since November he has had to commit to banning photos and movies from SAS between check-in and check-out if he wants to keep the job. Bjorn Lundstrom, who worked for SAS for 35 years, told Resume that he had been called to a meeting that “ended with a real insult.” After disputes, Bjorn Lundstrom is now leaving SAS. In a post on Instagram, he wrote:

“An emotional day yesterday, when I turned in my uniform because I was out of my mission on the trip.”

He also wrote that he was not celebrated by the workplace on its last day.

Facebook is working on Clubhouse killers according to the information
The clubhouse’s audio-based app has completely exploded in recent weeks. Reports now New York times About the information that Facebook has started developing a competitor for Clubhouse. According to the sources, the work on the product should be at a very early stage. Facebook does not want to confirm the information, but it tells the newspaper:

“We have been connecting people with audio and video for many years and are always looking for new ways to improve this experience.”

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The brands attracting the most new followers after Super Bowl
Brands spend millions appearing in commercials during Super Bowl – but what does investing really bring in the form of new followers on social media? Analytics firm Lesson First writes, it took a hard look at this Old saying. According to the company’s survey, T-Mobile and Mountain Dew are the winners, with the fastest audience growth on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok. The top ten list also includes Pepsi, Jeep, TurboTax, Doritos, Cadillac, Fiverr, Robinhood, and Skechers.

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