After Horizon and Days Gone, Sony is promising more Playstation games on PC

There are a number to choose from.

when Horizon Zero Dawn The PC audio was emphasized, and Sony looked good for the PC, after all. “Just because we are issuing an AAA address on a computer does not mean that everyone uses a PC.”Sony president Jim Ryan said.

But that was then.

Regarding computers news about Days passed Interview with the same Ryan GQAnd now there’s another sound in the bark. He says that since it is easy to transfer games and Playstation games to a wider audience, there are more games for PC ‘A fairly simple decision’. at ‘Full high’ On its way, the article is rumored.

We find ourselves now in early 2021 with development studios and games making them better than they have been before. Especially from the latter half of the PS4 tournament, our studios made some great, great games.

Ryan admits without hesitation that the PC decision has financial implications. It costs more and more to develop AAA games, hence getting the opportunity to sell more copies of games of benefit on Playstation.

Games to follow Horizon And the Days passed It remains to be seen, but if we look at the games it describes comprehensively, from “The Second Half of the PS4 Tour”, we will find titles. The final part of the second partAnd the The ghost of TsushimaAnd the God of WarAnd the Spider Man And the shadow of the Colossus.

It remains to be seen who he will be, but the odds for a happy PC gamer are extremely low.

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