Adée uploads the single “Pwrply”. Ese Aguinaga takes it to a new level by launching a wholly-produced EP remix by British producers. A song noticed by PSL!

Adée uploads the single “Pwrply”. Ese Aguinaga takes it to a new level by releasing an EP remix made entirely by British producers. A song and artist noticed by PSL!

Collaboration is always a natural occurrence for Adée, who at the start of the summer released the single “Pwrply” by Colombian rapper Ese Aguinaga. The song was noticed by PSL, Per Sinding Larsen added the song to its top 20 playlist. Now it takes the singles to another level and shows even more interesting collaborations with the EP remix of the song Prwply which is entirely produced by garages and home producers from the UK.

The idea for Pwrply came to Adée when she was on the worst date of her life in the summer of 2019, and while the person she was to meet was running a vinyl DJ set for 3 hours, she wrote the entire song lyrics as a song I wish how she’d hoped it was instead.

Adée is an artist, songwriter, and producer with a long résumé which was only allowed to open in 2019 for star Koffee, the main work was at the Veckans Affärer concert for female entrepreneurs at the Grand Hotel, and she was invited to play at a festival in Kenya and released her second album where she collaborated with several artists England ups and downs such as Vital, Call Me Unique and Tom Ford where she was also on a two-month release tour for the album. She has previously had a BLA. Played in SXSW, Midem, and Mondo NY, the National Anthem song has made one of the world’s largest gender equality conventions the Nordic Forum and played multiple times for the Royal Family and much more.

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In 2020, she has the bla. He held a modified Covid19 concert series at the Kalmar Museum of Art and included his song “World on Fire” as part of the soundtrack to the first US season of Gentefied on the Netflix series.

On Friday, October 2nd, the remixed song “Pwrply” will be released in Adées UK on all digital platforms.

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