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The director behind “Godzilla vs Kong” takes on the action movie from the following 1990s.

It shocks me a little that 90’s movies are old enough to have a remake. Plus, “Face / Off,” as I remember it, is a pure thriller that doesn’t need to be “improved”. But if someone were to do that, Adam Wingard might try it as well.

variety He writes that Wingard is ready to direct a remake of John Woo’s “Face / Off” from 1997. In the original movie, we saw Nicolas Cage and John Travolta change faces in a thief and police chase with changing roles.

But the director himself explained on Instagram that this is not a new recording:

– I will never make a new version of “Face / Off”. It is a perfect action movie. Simon Barrett and I write a direct sequel.

Wingard has worked mostly with action movies like “The Guest”, “You Next” and “Blair Witch”. Then, a monster lizard and a giant monkey are allowed to whip each other in the movie “Godzilla vs Kong” (cinema premiere at the end of March). As a director with roots in the horror genre, he can turn “Face / Off” into something darker and rougher than last time.

It is not clear what this new version is. We hope Wingard and his screenwriter Simon Barrett find a fun way to spin the story and take it into the modern era.

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