Acne is investing in showcasing content – Tiktok first

Creative agency Acne previously worked with heavyweights like Instagram and Facebook. Now a content campaign is also being released for Tiktok, the social media that has in a short time gained a user base in the one billion user category.

With clear inspiration from the video application, a number of quick films have been produced under the concept of “Be yourself”. They describe how different people use the app to have fun at home.

We learned a lot from working directly with some of the largest social media platforms in the world. When we had this opportunity, we took all the lessons learned from it with us to develop a truly creative campaign. Growth marketing shouldn’t be boring, and creativity shouldn’t clash with size. We apply the same kind of creativity to content as we do on billboard, he says Matthew Hurl, Head of content about acne, in a press release.

The campaign has already been launched in the UK, and its goal is to attract more users to the platform. It is produced at home.

It is also the first to withdraw from the agency’s new content offer.

In recent years, we have seen a huge increase in demand for growth and scalable content. Therefore, we did our best to explore new ways to develop our offerings in a way that would meet the needs of brands. What we realized was successful was actually very simple. We are applying creativity at the brand level with growth as a means of growth, to deliver premium content on a large scale, in a way that no one has done before, he says. Johan Bello, Co-founder of acne.

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