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Abby Choi’s murder: Ex Husband and family charged with murder as body parts found

Abby Choi a 28 yrs old famous model in hong Kong gone missing. Now it is revealed that some of her own family members murdered her. Her Ex-husband Alex Kiwong who is 28 years old and his family are suspected murderers. Four members of the same family are charged to be murderers. Alex Kwong’s mother tried to prevent the justice course.

Choi was a young beautiful model and a social influencer. He has a great fan following. She had two children who are under Choi’s mother’s care right now. It is said that there were some financial disputes between Choi and Kwong’s family.

Two other persons are also arrested police said and they are added to the suspects’ list. Some of the body remains of the girl were found in the fridge. Read about No changes in printing of Roald Dahl’s original work in “Classic Collection”.

After her body was parts found in the fridge police investigated for some days and in a house near the town of Tai Pao in a village they found some other remains of Abby Choi. It was a skull some ribs and her hair, they were said to be found in a huge steel pot. A meat slicer and an electric saw were also found there. The body parts were sent to the laboratory for confirmation if they were the parts of the killed girl Abby Choi or not. It was later confirmed that they belonged to Choi. It was investigated that there was a hole in the skull which was a hint that Choi was attacked on the head before the murder.

Kwong’s parents and brother were arrested on Friday. On Saturday, when Kwong was arrested by police at a Hong Kong Pier he was carrying HK$500,000 and luxury watches that cost $4m probably.

Supt Alan Chung said, “We want to find out as much as we can, not just to convict the murderers, but to give an answer to the deceased’s family, and return justice to the deceased,”. He said, “When we have any other clues we will do a thorough search again to find the torso and other missing parts of the body.”



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