ABB in Vaasa supplies 90 transformers for UK wind farm | Ostropothnia

Wind converters manufactured in Vaasa will soon power 1 million homes in the UK with clean energy.

The wind farm, to be built 33 kilometers off the east coast of England, will consist of 90 power plants, all of which will be installed by transformers made by Vasa.

We have committed ourselves to developing technology that creates a stronger, more climate-friendly electricity grid. Wind converters are a good example of this and this deal is another step toward cleaner energy systems, says Tony Koskinen, Transformers business district manager at ABB.

This is the fourth similar deal ABB has struck with Vestas. Previously, the transformers were also delivered to their power plants in Scotland and the Netherlands and the floating wind farm in Portugal.

This is an important deal for us and a continuation of the cooperation we have had with Vestas. This is a sign that we’ve developed a good product, Koskinen says.

Production will start at the beginning of summer and everything will be ready for delivery by the end of the year.

It clearly has a functional impact on our Vasa operations, but as I said, it is a continuation of the cooperation we have had with Vestas.

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