A surprising message from Swedish women’s champion Gothenburg – Elite Company shut down immediately: ‘Can’t move forward’ | Sports

Last month, Gothenburg won the Swedish women’s gold medal in football for the first time ever. Just over a month later, management chose to quit. Our project has been completed, the club wrote in a press release.

Göteborg FC is a success story in Swedish football since its inception in 2003. Four times the club finished second in Damelsvenskan, winning the Cup three times, in addition to playing in the UEFA Champions League. This year, the team won its first-ever championship.

The tournament will also be the last for the club as there will be no continuation of the elite efforts. It is now hoped that the big football clubs in the city will build on what Gothenburg has been able to achieve.

“Several fully Swedish federations as well as larger men’s teams in Gothenburg have established women’s activities, with girls’ and women’s teams”, The club is mentioned on its website.

“Since clubs with well-known and reputable traditions, with their organizations and many fans creating conditions for women’s football in Gothenburg, we believe that our project has been completed and thus Kobarbergs / Göteborg FC will place its elite team in Allsvenskan 2021 season.”

IFK Gothenburg has chosen to start its own business

club president Peter Bronsman tells SVT That two years ago there were discussions with IFK Gothenburg about a merger.

IFK Gothenburg has chosen to start her own business, and you have to respect that. Now the big men’s clubs in Gothenburg have female activities and in the long run we don’t see it possible to move forward with just one women’s union.

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The global trend is that the big clubs are forming women’s teams with good conditions for playing and training.

We have seen what she looks like in Europe. “In Bayern Munich and Manchester City, what facilities do they have, what training opportunities do they offer to the players, and how fast are they,” Bronsmann says.

Last year, Finnish defenders Emma Koivisto and Natalia Koica played for the club. Kuikka is already finished with Portland in the US, while Koivisto has to search for a new club.

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