A sedentary cat is better off than the oldest

Tigers have the ability to hide in tall grass … the same with our old cat that settled in wilted grass! do you see it?
We have two cats in the stable. A female, as if I came in the morning, meets her when she comes from the woods. She might have killed a fox and maybe put two deer before she went to the stable and cleaned rats and mice … the coolest cats in the world!
Then we have this. Very Old. I’m not a vet but maybe a fool?
But he puts his basket in the window of the coffee room, sleeps a lot, eats in and out and pee, and he always has access to food and many people watch his situation every day. Even me, who may not be the one associating myself with the overweight, smelly and crazy cats, I sit and scratch his head while I wait for my lunchbox to be ready! And today he went up and actually took over my lunch box ..


This cat has a good old age, and it shocked me, it is actually better than my dad and many elders … We live in a society where there is no place for the elderly, and they are seen more as a burden. It is very inhuman and 25 years ago it would have been described as terrible! But we now live in the world of influencers, the world of the elder brothers, the world of the Paradise Hotel where superficiality and stupidity are rewarded and the media raises people who do not have an essence … Have I started to get old or am I just one who thinks we neglect the opportunity to benefit from our experience and knowledge of the elderly generation? They did a good job, right?
I have troublesome times with superficial, destructive influencers of the climate, where some are additionally looking for a philosophy of law, which is stupid, stupid and destructive, affecting younger followers who turn to facts and science. Are we on the verge of getting stupid? Maybe it would have been better to change places with our crazy sedentary cat.
Winter is back with mockery.
# Creativity
# Old age with dignity is not possible in this country

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