A second astronaut has been assigned to SpaceX’s maiden civilian space flight. Dr Hayley Arsino will be the youngest American to go to space

Earlier this month, SpaceX announced that it is working with contractor Jared Isaacman to implement SpaceX’s first civilian space flight, a mission called Inspiration 4.

When the plans for Inspiration 4 were presented, only Isaac himself was ready for the journey. Now, however, a second astronaut has been appointed who will be 29-year-old Doctor Haile Arsino. She works as a physician at St. Judd, the hospital where she herself underwent treatment for bone cancer at a young age.

Cancer caused Arceneaux to lose his legs and he had to replace them with prostheses. This means Arceneaux will be the first astronaut to be fitted with a prosthetic. At the age of 29, she will also be the youngest female astronaut in the United States.

SpaceX aims to launch Inspiration4 and its four astronauts in one of the company’s Crew Dragon capsules sometime during the last quarter of the year. The flight is scheduled to extend over a few days, during which time the four crew members will be in Earth orbit.

Unlike Axiom Space’s civilian space flight, which will also take place in one of the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsules, Inspiration4 will not dock with the ISS. The civilian space travel from Axiom Space is scheduled to take place sometime in 2022 and you can read more about it here.

Below you can check out the first interview that Hayley Arsino gave after she was chosen as the youngest female astronaut in the United States.

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