A portion of the meteorite that struck Sweden last year has been found. The first discovery of a newly fallen meteorite in Sweden in 60 years

In November of last year, a meteor exploded over Sweden, creating the phenomenon of light known as bolid, something we’ve written here for a bit. Since then, meteorites have been frequently searched for in the Upplands and now Örebro Astronomi reports that one has been found.

Particularly practicing geologists Andreas Forsberg and Anders Zetrekvist were the ones who found the iron meteorite weighing 14 kilograms which can be seen in the images above and below. Orebro Astronome wrote about the find in a press release:

“Of the nearly 9 tons that shook the atmosphere over Uppland on November 7, a large piece of iron meteorite was now found. The staggering mass weighs 14 kg and is about 30 cm long. It is easy to see that it was also exposed to degrees. High heat. Origin “The surface of the ore rock melted during the descent and then cooled again as it fell within the last 17 kilometers after the space rock smashed in an explosion that can be seen all over Scandinavia. The result is a black surface with smooth shapes, as shown in the picture. “

The now found meteorite is the first meteor discovery that fell in Sweden in more than 60 years. The found meteorite is now stored in the Swedish Museum of Natural History, and it is likely that we will be able to check it out at the end.

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