A new single. Saie Saie goes her own way and today she releases the song “Smile”.

Sai Sai He is the artist who had a writing contract with a major company, and songs that were played on European radio topped the iTunes charts but chose to quit and go her own way. Today the song will be released.Smiling“, Taken from her debut album, which will be released this fall.

“The song is about the daring to keep going, even though people make fun of your dream. Even if no one understands. Have the courage to choose the path of least awkward,” says Sai Sai.

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Her words are powerful and often describe her path to finding herself and finding her own happiness. Today she lives in the mountains outside Los Angeles and has found her way back to music and it is more than ever. Saie Saie’s voice is raw and original, just like herself – it’s a mix of Alabama Shakes, Aretha, and Janis Joplin … with a little funk.

Saie Saie grew up in Stockholm, but didn’t really enjoy it. When she was 13 years old, she moved to Argentina herself to play polo and for several years she was traveling between Sweden and Argentina before moving to Spain, studying in high school remotely and developing as a polo player. She also joined Musikmakarna, secured a record contract but withdrew from this agreement and then moved to the United States.

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