A new prison sentence for a man Falcon Fandz

Bad deals were deliberately made at the expense of the Swedish pension savings and convicted criminals are now millionaires in the coup.

I can say that the district court mainly shared my assessments. The Swedish Environmental Crime Agency and I are very satisfied with this ruling, says Gerker Asplund, Prosecutor at the Swedish Environmental Crime Agency.

‘Well-planned and methodical’

The Falcon Fands case has grown to such an extent that the lawsuit should split in two. In Part Two, the Stockholm District Court has sentenced Max Serwin and another Swedish man of 44 years to prison terms for serious financial crimes.

“It was a question of an especially well-planned and organized attack on the Swedish pension system, which means that pension rights have been reduced to tens of thousands of pension savings,” the ruling says.

It was a criminal process that began in 2012 and ended in 2016 and the first part was in Sweden and the second part was in Malta, says Gerker Asplund, when he summarizes the comprehensive case.

Max Siroen, formerly known as Emile Amir Ingemanson, was sentenced in this case for gross treason against the director with nine months in prison. He is already serving a prison sentence of six years and nine months after the appeals court ruled in the first part of the plot. The maximum penalty for this type of crime is eight years imprisonment.

My estimation is that it was always a criminal scheme that involved securing money from Swedish pension savings, and all the courts agreed with me too, says Gerker Asplund.

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Intentionally bad investments

Serwin is now responsible for a number of bad investments, which in this case amounted to a total amount of € 45.9 million, which were made in Falcon Funds where more than 20,000 Swedes had excellent retirement savings considered to be the person who made sure that the manager made the current purchases. .

– The district court blames our client for what someone else did, that is, the trustee’s decision on various investments. Thomas Olson, the attorney representing Max Serwin, says there is reason to study this question in more detail before we make a decision on how to handle the appeal case.

The other man, a 44-year-old Swede, was sentenced to five years and six months in prison for serious money laundering and trade embargo. The sentence was lighter than what the prosecutor had demanded.

The 44-year-old was found guilty of money laundering deemed to result from criminal acts in Falcon Fand funds. He hadn’t appeared on the criminal record before.

We are very disappointed and will appeal, says Nina Lewinhelm, a lawyer representing the 44-year-old.

The money is missing

Both Max Serwin and the 44-year-old owe the state several million.

The Swedish Pensions Agency estimated that savers in the Falcon Fund money were defrauded by about SEK 1 billion. In November, 368 million were paid to the victims after the authority secured the funds in various ways.

About 700 million SEK are still missing. The Swedish Pensions Agency is conducting a civil lawsuit in England, where Max Serwin, for example, had substantial assets, with the goal of tracking money from Falcon Fandom’s crimes.

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We clearly see this ruling successful and it’s important in principle to us that it was a conviction, says Anna Akison, a lawyer at the Swedish Pensions Agency.

Helena and Andy / Tt

In February 2016, the Swedish Pensions Agency stopped deposits in the three funds of the Malta-based Falcon Fund, after suspicions that thousands of bank identifiers had hijacked pension savings to make unauthorized changes to funds within the premium pension system.

The company was suspected of emptying pension funds in large sums through a scheme in Temple Asset Management, in which Falcon Funds had delegated management of the funds.

In June 2016, the authority terminated the agreement with the fund company and filed a police report.

The investigation subsequently led to two trials and two convictions each in the District Court and the Court of Appeal in the first part and in the district court in the second part.

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