A new government is underway in Israel – Netanyahu’s days are numbered

After the March 23 elections, Netanyahu, whose Likud party received the most votes but far from the majority, sought to form a government. A month ago, he announced that this had failed, and opposition leader Yair Lapid of the liberal Yesh Atid party was appointed.

Half an hour before the midnight deadline, Lapid announced in an email to the president that he had succeeded in forming the government, many media outlets reported.

Naftali Bennett of the right-wing Yamina party and Yair Lapin of the liberal Yesh Atid party.

Photo: Ronen Zevulun/AFP

It would be an unusual solution On the issue of the Prime Minister. Naftali Bennett will take over from the right-wing Yamina party, and Lapid will take over in two years.

“I promise you, Mr. President, that this government will work to serve all residents of Israel, including those who are not members of it, will respect those who oppose it, and will do everything in its power to unite all sectors of Israeli society,” Yair Lapid told President Reuven Rivlin, according to the newspaper. Jerusalem Post.

Eight parties that on paper do not have many common political goals are part of the coalition.

The common denominator between them is that they absolutely do not want Netanyahu to take power and they certainly do not want a fifth election. Isabelle Scherenbeck, a professor of political science and Middle East expert at the University of Gothenburg, says that those are either completely against his policy or have been burned in collaboration with him.

Israel held four elections Within two years.

– When it comes to the fifth election, it will be very dangerous for the country. They haven’t had a budget since 2019 and have undergone three long shutdowns that have distorted the economy, Schrenbeck continues.

Mansour Abbas (right) of an Islamist signs the agreement with Yair Lapid (right).

Mansour Abbas (right) of an Islamist signs the agreement with Yair Lapid (right).

Photo: The United Arab List Raam / Agence France-Presse

One of the smaller parties in the newly formed coalition is the Islamist Ra’im. The fact that an Arab party occupies a seat in the ruling coalition is something completely new in Israeli politics.

– It could change the entire political landscape of the country in the future. It was previously not legitimate to lean toward an Arab-Israeli party among the larger parties, but they have now provided influence and tangible changes, Scherenbeck says.

Also among the coalition members is Benny Gantz, defense minister in the current government, with his Blue and White centrist party.

After the new government Not in place. A vote among the 120 members of Parliament is required before the constitutional oath can be taken. Netanyahu is expected to do everything in his power to attract members to his side.

– He will fight in the court. Anders Persson, a Middle East expert at the University of Linnaeus, tells TT that it remains to be seen if he has more ace up his sleeve.

Political commentator in the liberal newspaper Haaretz, Anshel Pfeffer, wrote on Twitter that everyone should “calm down.” He confirms that Netanyahu will remain prime minister for a few more days.

“This is not over yet,” he said on Twitter, according to Reuters.

Schierenbeck admits it It is theoretically possible that the alliance could collapse, but she believes most indications are that it will hold.

– They have negotiated intensively now and all the major parties are involved at the same time that the Likud is splitting. What Netanyahu must succeed in next is to get one of the parties to withdraw at the last minute. But I think they decided, they really went too far, she says.

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