A new dispute over Brexit between the European Union and the United Kingdom

Brussels sent two letters to London on Monday. First, an official statement has been sent that the European Union is now initiating a violation of the free movement of goods rules, which could ultimately lead to a fine on Britain.

The leader of Brexit in the European Commission, Vice President Marus Sivkovic, also sent a letter to his British counterpart, David Frost, urging the British government to “correct and refrain” from taking unilateral action and instead enter into talks with the European Union.

Dispute over Northern Ireland’s transitional rules

The disagreement over transitional periods revolves around when and how to screen the various commodities to meet the conditions related to trade with Northern Ireland that the two parties agreed in negotiations on Brexit. According to the agreement, EU customs rules will be applied to Northern Ireland in order to avoid difficult borders in Ireland, which in practice means a customs border between ports in Northern Ireland and the rest of the British Isles.

Earlier this month, the British government unilaterally extended the transition period for controlling food imports to Northern Ireland until October 1 this year, according to Reuters reports. The transition period is in effect from the beginning until the end of March.

For its part, Britain claims that it has not violated the Brexit agreement.

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