A new BBC documentary follows Greta Thunberg around the world

The BBC followed the climate activist during the turbulent period from August 2019 to the end of 2020, when she sailed across the Atlantic and traveled around North America.

People often ask me if I am optimistic or pessimistic. I don’t think we need to feel hopeful in order to work. The only thing that creates hope is work, she says, and if there is no work, then there is no hope Documentary.

“See this happen again.”

She walks on a melting iceberg in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, which provides millions of people with fresh water. It has shrunk by half the size in just over 100 years. A phenomenon that causes sea level rise in the world.

She visits Paradise, California, where 86 people were killed in a bushfire in 2018, and she meets a crying man who escaped from the flames, and now feels guilty.

We see this happening all the time, people die, suffer. But we totally failed to deliver the connections, says Thunberg.

Father Svante Thunberg escorts excursions, including the La Vagabonde sailboat from New York to Lisbon, in the middle of the November storm season.

The joys of parenthood, he says, ironically, in the documentary.

But once at the sea, they both enjoy the calm.

He wants to get away from emotional arguments

Greta Thunberg has become one of the clearest voices for quick change demands and she and her family receive much hate for their commitment.

People don’t want to talk about the climate, so they talk about me.

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Ahead of the UN Climate Summit in Madrid, Greta Thunberg says she knows newspapers will focus on emotions and their persona, but she does everything to change the focus.

People only listen to emotional bits like “How dare you?” And “I want you to panic.” But now that you’ve got people’s attention, you don’t need to make such a speech. I want them to listen to the content and the science.

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