a new album. Scottish Travis is back with a whole new emotionally charged model

It’s been 25 years since the four band members in Travis He met in a joint rehearsal room for the first time. Since then, the group has toured the world, starring in the award-winning documentary “Almost Fashionable” and Travis Frontman. Fran Healy The composition of the songs has been praised by icons such as Elton John, Paul McCartney and Graham Nash.

Nowadays, Travis are legends with millions of records sold behind them. On October 9th, they will release their ninth album with a short title.10 songsBut the new full version is only succinct and contains emotionally charged creations – exquisitely produced by Fran and Robin Benton (Coldplay Ouch Florence and the machine).

The album was visited by many well-known musicians Jason Little From Grandaddy and Star Lap Steel Greg Lessz (Beck, Emilio Harris, Bruce Springsteen). At the end of the summer, Travis released a popular duet Susanna Hoffs From The Bangles, a song that can be found in full length as well as the previously released song “A Ghost”.

With “10 Songs”, Travis shows that it is still one of the UK’s biggest songwriting exports. Because the creation process itself is an important part for Travis.

– There is a recorded song called “Butterflies”. This is how I look at songwriting – like butterflies that fly. And you have to be calm, prompt, and respectful. You hold them, look at them for a while and then release them. This is the whole point of the songs. That’s the point of songwriting, Fran sums it up.

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Listen to “10 songs” here.

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