a new album. Extremely revealing and personal – today Hurts releases his fifth studio album “Faith”

Today, the leading British duo, Hurts, released their fifth studio album, “Faith,” which was the result of two years of working with the most personal material they have ever written. Dare to surprise again and hear their passion for innovation and innovation in songs that plunge into the depths of mankind; Desolate and dark with incredibly beautiful layouts, the band offers bittersweet glimpses of their musical world.

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“Faith” was born out of a crisis. Adam Anderson has previously spoken out about his struggles with mental illness in words and music. He also shared on anxiety and depression in an open letter in 2017. Theo Hotchcraft, the duo’s singer, also suffered from a mental illness, which was so severe that it was not certain whether the band would handle the crisis.

If you had told me when we started it how cohesive, strong, and original it is, months later, I probably wouldn’t believe you. “At some point, I thought we had no chance. Adam says about the album’s process.

Moreover, Hutchcraft says, “There were very few compromises in making this album, and little attention to detail. We thought that if we did what we wanted to do, how we wanted it to do, and we didn’t give up on ourselves, it would happen. We just had to have faith. “

The mischief never ceases to renew themselves and the “faith” once again shows their ability to take a relevant subject, make it abstract and serve it properly. Once again, they raise the bar and show why they were one of the most important groups to emerge from Britain in the 2000s.

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