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What defines this year’s results is first and foremost a massive boost in terms of views on the development of the economy. Never before in the 24-year history of the survey has we seen such a large percentage believe in growth growth, either in the global economy or in their own company, Sophia Guttmar Blomstedt, CEO of PWC Sweden, says in a written comment.

74 percent of global entrepreneurs and 70 percent of Swedish business leaders expect to grow their own operations in the next year. In the long term, nine out of ten business leaders will experience increased growth over the next three years, both globally and in Sweden.

Cyber ‚Äč‚Äčthreats and tax uncertainty are two challenges that are heading. 60% of business leaders respond that they believe managing the growing national debt will cause their company to suffer from higher taxes.

The report also shows that the United States is moving away from China as the most important country for growth for its company compared to last year’s results. This year, 28 per cent of business leaders see the UK as one of the most important countries for growth in the next twelve months.

3 percent of companies will make increased investments in digital transformation over the next three years as a result of the impact of the epidemic.

Swedish business leaders are more self-critical than the global average when it comes to measuring the impact of the climate. 54 percent think they should be better at gauging the company’s impact.

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