A good period wasn’t enough against Skellefteå

The seasoned Lakers dominated the start of the match, but in the second and third half the visitors were the upper hand and took all points to Skelleftea.

Saturday hockey game and old ultimate fighter Skellefteå AIK visit the Vida Arena with all our dearest Tuomas Kiiskinen on the team. Everything is set up for the great thrill of two teams with so much shared history at this point. At the Lakers, we finally see Elary Millart on the team. He is seen from the start of the match, and he immediately takes his place with a huge pond on the field. Something that should add another dimension to a really good defensive game.

The start of the game is high-octane with high speed and crisp gameplay. In the beginning, it’s the guests who want to set the tone while the home team tries to settle in. And you do it very quickly. Because once the Lakers control the disc, they play very well all over the field. And indeed after 3.02, the cheers come from the young crowd at the Vida Arena when Rosén picks up an expired disc behind Skellefteå’s goal and walks around the goal and strikes a little surprisingly into the far corner where the gap isn’t particularly large.

But it will be 1-0, and will provide assistance to fellow radar Richard Genji. Then the period is controlled by the Lakers who create a lot of opportunities. And in the end, she also gets money from Oscar Nelson from Skellefteå who gets fired after two minutes of 17.27. And in this PP we see many combinations, especially from PP’s first line where Rosén Gynge has repeatedly found in front of goal but the disc does not want to go in.

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When the guests are full, of course, the parcel comes the other way when Frederick Karlstrom lowers a little visibly. The parcel comes at 19.47, and guests don’t have time to create anything before they hear the signal, but they have to start outnumbering the second period. The home team won shots overwhelmingly 14-4.

The middle period can be summed up as being utterly torn apart by many expulsions. And the Lakers are the ones who rest the most in the corner of shame. You didn’t just have to start the period from one man less. After 3.55 you get another one on Gynge who gets a two-minute break for slashing.

This expulsion gives Skellefteå the baton of command, and you take the whole match picture. The home team is suddenly having a tough time breaking out of their area. And what I did well in the first place when I took all the pressure off the guests in a very good way, was totally blown away. You put yourself in tough situations and that first quick pass never came. Instead, there were a lot of embarrassing pinch remedies, which meant that it ended up in guests’ possession again.

It got even more difficult when Häman Aktell was sent off after 11.31 after a Skellefteå player faltered and himself fell. Aktell goes on a trip, of course completely wrong. But guests find it difficult to hack the Lakersbox. After about 10 minutes of play, Skellefteå was already catching up and changing his shot stats, which gives a small picture of what the period looked like.

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But Skellefteå doesn’t manage to get a loophole on Källgren who plays big in between posts. Although there was momentum in the match completely. Shots in the second period end with full 8-17 guests. But after finishing the period a little better and getting a send off with you too, she still tops overall shot stats after two play periods with 22-21.

The final round would likely not be what he wanted, if the Blakers had stuck. Skellefteå turns the event from disadvantage to supremacy by way of Rickard Hugg who already tied after 1.51. And that’s after the home team got really messed up with the disc in their own area. Finally, the search coil comes out to Hugg who can fondle the puck behind Källgren’s group.

In the fifth minute, Forslund comes out free and gets hooked. Karlstrom takes the penalty kick but is not successful at all. The period is somewhat equal in terms of play, but at 10.35 in the period, they are once again neglecting in their Morley area to be clean with Calgreen and put 2-1 into the nearest position. The turn is complete and only gets worse after a minute when Ludvig Nilsson goes out on a ride and the guests only need 7 seconds to increase the count to 1-3, this time via Wingerli.

The Lakers lost much of the enthusiasm and enthusiasm they had in the early years. Additionally, both defense and Boxplay fail when they are most needed. Two calls and two expulsions give Skellefteå the upper hand in this match. The Lakers put in serious efforts towards the end of the match and create good pressure in the attack area as you knock Calgreen out of goal.

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With 1.28 remaining, it takes a timeout with Offensive Technique. But the Lakers still struggled with the scorer. And a lot because once you get shot, you do it in worse situations. After a bit of crashing in the third period, we have to leave this match completely without points. We won shots 31-26, but that is of course a minor consolation. Skellefteå won the final half 0-3 and the match 1-3.

The next match will be on Thursday when we meet Holland in Scandinavium. At the Vida Arena, we will be back again next Saturday when the Brynäs guests descend at 15.15.

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