A flight from London with 33 passengers on board landed in Ireland – violating Swedish ban | Foreigner

A British Airways plane with 33 passengers on board landed at Arlanda airport in Sweden on Saturday morning despite Sweden’s ban on passenger flights from the United Kingdom to Sweden. The Swedish ban is in effect until December 31 of this year.

The trip included four Finnish citizens who were to travel to Finland, according to several Swedish media outlets.

According to the Swedish Transport Agency, there is an absolute ban on passenger movement flights between the United Kingdom and Sweden, in order to prevent the spread of a new variant of the Coronavirus from the United Kingdom.

According to Aftonbladet, the Swedish Transport Agency believes that there may be a misunderstanding that has caused aircraft to continue flying between countries. The Swedish Transport Agency has now notified British Airways of the ban. The Swedish Transport Agency has also informed the British Civil Aviation Administration of the case.

The STT news agency, referring to Svenska Dagbladet, wrote that the 29 Swedish citizens were allowed to return home after seeing a doctor. They were urged to isolate themselves. The four Finns are said to have been allowed to fly to Helsinki.

According to Expressen, border police contacted infection control doctors over the flight from the UK, but there was no reason to impose a quarantine. Swedes were allowed to travel to Sweden and were not crowned.

The four Finns made stops in Sweden. Border Police Chief Patrick Engstrom told Expressen that it was a matter of a family with young children.

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