A father in the Netherlands who isolated his children is escaping prosecution

On Sunday, October 13, 2019, a 25-year-old bearded man in old clothes walked into a bar in Reinwald, in the north of the Netherlands. He told the pub owner that he had not been outside his home for the past nine years.

– He told me he had a brother and sister who lived on the farm. He was the oldest of them and wanted to put an end to their way of life. Speak in a childish way, He tells the pub owner to local TV.

The owner of the bar alerts the police. When he inspects the farm, he discovers a cellar where a 67-year-old man lives with five of his other children, ages 16 to 25.

When the police and prosecutors In updating the story, the man’s diary was an important part of the evidence. The public prosecutor believes that between 1989 and 2019, the man deprived all of his nine children of their freedom, deteriorated their health, abused them and sexually exploited two of them when they were between 12 and 16 years old. According to his diary, the father must have believed that the soul of a deceased wife possessed sons.

The courtyard doors never closed, but the prosecutor believes it is possible to restrict a person’s freedom by other means. The three elders were allowed to go to school, but were not allowed to mix with others and were never allowed to reveal the presence of other siblings. Young children were never registered and never attended school. The father told the children that God chose them and that their souls would become unclean if they left the farm.

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Tucked away on a farm outside the local community, this 67-year-old Ronnewold lived in 2019 with six of his children.

Photo: RTL Netherlands via AP

Now, however, it is clear The prosecutor does not proceed with the case. In 2016, the father had a brain hemorrhage and the Dutch judiciary estimates that the 68-year-old is facing great difficulties in communicating, he is in poor health and unable to manage a court hearing.

This conclusion is not shared by the four oldest children. On a Dutch TV show, their lawyer is interviewed who said the four will file a lawsuit in a civil case. They want the court to rule that the father has acted criminally.

Justice and Equity. They wanted it from the start, says their attorney Corinne Jekyll on the Op1 TV show, NL Times Reports.

She says the father is not under guardianship, and therefore a lawsuit can be filed against him.

However, the five youngest children do stand up for their father. In the current situation, After the prosecutor decided not to prosecute, the younger son wrote in agreement with his four younger sisters that he is not a victim and does not regret his upbringing.

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