38 people are released after being kidnapped in Nigeria

The 38 people now released were kidnapped at the Kagara Government Science College in Nigeria two weeks ago, according to the AP news agency. Initially, “hundreds of kidnappers” were reported. Then the number was coded down to 42, but in reality it was 38 according to local authorities.

A boy was killed in connection with the kidnapping.

“They are subjected to horrific torture”

They were received by the authorities in the city of Mina on Saturday.

“They were subjected to horrific torture,” said state governor Abu Bakr Sani Bello, adding:

They are currently undergoing an in-depth health check-up and we hope to be reunited with their families soon. One of the kidnappers was taken to hospital after he was exhausted.

317 He was kidnapped in Zamfara

On Friday, 317 girls were kidnapped from several different boarding schools in Zamfara State. The perpetrators simultaneously attacked a military facility, thus preventing the army from preventing the kidnappings.

There are several armed groups in Zamfra known for kidnappings. Groups often demand ransoms or use kidnappings for extortion purposes in an effort to evict prison inmates.

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