The best time of the golf season is here, even if it’s seven months later than we originally expected. The 2020 Masters Championship is taking place, and this year’s event is another star-studded event at Augusta National Golf Club with a course filled with 92 players featuring most of the world’s best golfers.

Tiger Woods defends his fifth green jacket, and as he zips off on a hot start 4 under With his first 18 holes, he was unable to withdraw at the start of his second round on Friday. Justin Thomas and Dustin Johnson are the stars of a large group at the top of the leaderboard, and they will attract the most attention on Saturday once the third round starts. John Ram is a shot from the leaderboards but the favorite who entered Saturday considering he still has eight holes to play.

While attending the Masters tournament is a dream of many, just being able to watch golf at their greatest stage of all is an incredible fun every year. Here at CBS Sports, we’re excited to bring you comprehensive masters coverage throughout this week with a variety of ways to watch your favorite golfers play one of the most exciting courses in the world.

Enough to talk about it. Here’s how you can watch as many Masters as possible throughout the week. Make sure to stick to CBS Sports live coverage all the time and Download the CBS Sports app To watch Masters Live on your mobile device.

All times are oriental

The third round – Saturday, November 14th

The second round continues: 7:30 a.m.
Time to start the third round:
10:30 AM

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Live broadcast of the Master: 7:30 am until the end of the game CBSSports.comAnd the CBS Sports app
Also available in CBS All Access For connected devices (authentication required)

Early TV Coverage: 7:30 AM until the end of the tour is on ESPN
Simultaneous live early television broadcasts: 7:30 AM until the end of the tour

TV coverage: 1-5 PM on CBS
Simultaneous live TV broadcasting: 1-5 pm day CBS Sports app*, CBS All Access*,
* Authentication required on mobile app or connected devices

Round 4 – Sunday 15 November

Round 4 start time: 8 am

Live broadcast of the Master: 8 am until end of gameplay CBSSports.comAnd the CBS Sports app
Also available in CBS All Access For connected devices (authentication required)

TV coverage: From 10 AM to 3 PM on CBS
Simultaneous live TV broadcasting: From 10 to 3 pm CBS Sports app*, CBS All Access*,
* Authentication required on mobile app or connected devices

Additional details

Featured groups: Andrew Catalon, Billy Cratzert and Michael Weigh West begin covering the 2020 Masters Thursday morning with special combos. Additionally, Brian Crowell and Michael Breed will also act as broadcasters on live broadcast coverage of Featured Couples’ Groups throughout their entire tour each day.

Amen corner: Grant Boone and Mark Immelman act as broadcasters to cover the live broadcasts of Holes 11, 12, and 13.

15 and 16: Luke Elvy and Ned Michaels provide commentary and analysis of their live video feeds on slots 15 and 16.

In addition to other channels of live golf, Masters Live will present the highlights of Augusta’s national videos and antennas, as well as historical highlights and an interview hall. Masters Live and additional features will be available on for free on and on the CBS Sports app for phones and tablets. Masters Live content will also be available via subscription service CBS All Access for the first time this year. Besides CBS Sports’ broadcast coverage of the tournament, CBS All Access subscribers can stream Masters Live content online on, on mobile devices via the CBS app and on all major connected TV devices and platforms.

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CBS Sports HQ, the free-to-air 24/7 sports news network from CBS Sports, will feature live leaderboard updates and reports as well as the latest stories from the tournament that begins Monday with CBS Sports writer Kyle Porter. CBS Sports HQ is available on, the CBS Sports mobile app and connected TV. Notable events will also be available on CBS Sports’ social channels.

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